Because of my profession, I spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer, and to top it off, I have very poor habits when it comes to posture. Eventually I started having trouble with my back so I shopped around for a good massage therapist to hopefully relieve some of my discomfort. I had tried several therapists, but most of them seemed to concentrate on relaxation rather than therapy. I was looking for something more deep-tissue rather than a relaxing rub-down. I was looking for a change. I then stumbled upon Aligned Right Massage and haven’t looked anywhere else since. I have been coming to Aligned Right Massage regularly since April of 2003. When you come to Aligned Right Massage, you’re getting more than a massage, but a way to positively change how you feel during the day. The therapy is aimed at correcting, not just relieving, the discomfort you may be feeling. Also, Eroca doesn’t just give you a sixty minute session then send you on your way until next time. She helped me learn which stretches I should be doing to help alleviate some of the problems I’ve been having, along with tips and techniques for improving my posture in the workplace. I have been feeling much better on a regular basis since I started going to Aligned Right Massage. I have recommended Aligned Right Massage to several people, and I will continue to do so.

Kevin K.
Information Systems Professional

"I have been a client of Aligned Right Massage for over 5 years. I started going to Eroca as my husband was concerned for me after having been in a car accident and physio was just not helping. He bought me two gift certificates to "try" a massage. I have never looked back. Eroca's kind, caring and professional manner has turned my life of healing totally around. She is always learning new techniques that just make the massage that much better. I have since been involved in another car accident and the first place I called was Aligned Right Massage and my injury became easier to deal with right away instead of becoming worse."

Cindi W.

I was recently involved in a car accident and muscle therapy has provided much needed relief and greatly assisted my recovery. Eroca also prescribed a series of excercises and stretches which have helped me recover lost flexibility and mobility.

Warren F.
Professional Engineer

I have been a customer of Aligned Right Massage for 7 years. I have suffered from both a variety of sports injuries as well as an Scoliosis of the Spine which at times has given me some serious problems with headaches and muscle spasms.

Eroca has over the years utilized a variety of techniques, constantly learning and experimenting on better ways to impart her skills to better eliminate or reduce my problems.

Additionally, I have recommended many friends to Eroca's care who have suffered from sports injuries or more naturally occurring problems.
In summary, we have all been taken care of and had our issues addressed in a totally professional manner and in short have significantly benefited from her care. On a personal note, I have on more than one occasion returned to my passions such as Hockey more quickly, specifically due to her care.
As a business professional I have "NO" problem recommending Eroca's care and would recommend her very highly to anyone wishing to experience this type of therapy.

David S.
President, Advanced Microscopy and Surgical Inc.